Precise Geodetic control Survey for Topography, Hydrography, and Construction survey. GNSS RTK positioning for Aerial Photography Image georeferencing… more

Bathymetrical measurement using high-quality Hydrographical equipment  with GNSS RTK – Measures the vertical distance from the ocean surface… more

Topographical survey, Using GNSS RTK for Detail topographical map, Contour map, DTM, DEM and Earth volume Calculation for constuctional works… more

A geographic information system (GIS) is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data information… more

LIDAR mapping is a unique remote sensing technology that has taken the surveying industry by storm. The acronym “LIDAR” stands for Light Detection… more

Taking aerial photos is one of the most common approaches to mapping out an area. In this process, a camera is mounted on an aircraft and pointed… more

in contrast, involve the representation of the surface of the riverbed or seabed. The end-product is normally a navigational chart. In recent years …more

A multibeam echo sounder is a type of sonar that is used to map the seabed. Like other sonar systems, multibeam systems emit sound waves in a fan…more

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Welcome To Geo-system Corporation

Geo-system Corporation (GSC) is biggest Geodetic survey Organization in Bangladesh, Survey Company in Bangladesh Consist of Qualified Geodetic surveyors and Engineers and well equipped with large number of survey grade GNSS (GPS) survey system Equipment. The GSC operate own NTRIP Caster server system for Real Time (RTK) Measurement, In addition GSC is a registered subscriber of available NTRIP service provider of “Survey of Bangladesh (SOB)” of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

A full-service and a pioneer in Geodetic surveying as well as Hydrographic and Topographic surveying company In Bangladesh. GSC is promoted in 2006. We have more than 10 years of Experience in Geodetic and Hydrographical surveying. The year 2006 marked the start of an intense growth period for the firm and since that time, we have achieved steady growth. We provide Ground surveying services to public agencies, Engineering firms, private contractors, and foreign agencies throughout the Puget Sound region.

Survey Company in Bangladesh

Geo-system Corporation (GSC) is a leading and reputed multi-discipline Survey Company in Bangladesh which is committed to providing knowledgeable service up to the mark standards. Geo-system Corporation (GSC) is the leading Survey Company based in Bangladesh aiming at providing professional Various Surveying & Geospatial solutions to our clients by using advanced technology of Surveying and Mapping.

Engineering surveying, Geodetic Survey, Topographical Survey, Hydrographical surveying, Bathymetrical surveying, LiDar Mapping, Aerial Photography and Mapping, GIS Mapping & Geo-data base- all of these significant services we offer to our honorable clients. We use a variety of tools and techniques to supply geo-referenced maps including thermal images, photomosaic, and photogrammetry.

We will create ortho-rectified aerial maps or images which have the advantage of being far more detailed than satellite or traditional aerial photography. We are experienced in GIS and remote sensing and may produce a good range of maps & models like digital terrain and 3D models.

Since it’s started as a Surveying and Mapping consultancy firm, gradually the Mapping stepped into GIS and IT business areas including integrated MIS based GIS application development, software development, networking, digital mapping, satellite image analysis, a survey using GPS and total station to satisfy up the various requirements of its valuable clients which made us as the Top-rated Survey Company in Bangladesh.

To create up GIS database at National and Regional levels to supply services in its lines of business including GIS services, digital mapping, socio-economic and physical survey, education, health & nutrition, environment, and development issues to clients — Govt./private sector, NGOs, donors, foreign missions, etc.We use the newest surveying and mapping technology to serve our clients with the very best quality products and competitive rates.

Who we are?

Professional Work From Highly Passionate People
For successfully running the business on a wider scale we turned our company with Qualified engineers and skilled technicians were employed to compete with multinationals in terms of rate and quality.

Why Us?

Since 2006 We Are in Business, 15 Years Experience!
We are an experienced survey company in Bangladesh. Since 2006, 20+ significant projects completed through the surveying platform. We treat our clients as a partner and always attempt to help them out whenever they have us.
Quality is Our Key Priority
Everything we do for our clients is extensively researched, up-to-date, quality-tested and manually reviewed.
Trust and Reputation
We value the trust and our reputation. Trust is that the most significant part of any business. At Geo-system Corporation (GSC), we give our clients work first then invite the payment. You know, who can do that!
Prompt and Accuracy Focused Organization
Rather than doing average quality work, we only focus our service on Prompt and Accuracy. We are excellent at it which helped us to become the most trustworthy survey company in Bangladesh.


Geo-system Corporation (GSC) is recognized together because the highest digital survey firm in Bangladesh. Geo-system Corporation (GSC) provides Surveying and Mapping services for the event of private and public projects. Our range of services is inclusive of Engineering surveying in Bangladesh, Geodetic Survey in Bangladesh, Topographical Survey in Bangladesh, Hydrographical surveying in Bangladesh, Bathymetrical surveying in Bangladesh, LiDar Mapping in Bangladesh, Aerial Photography and Mapping in Bangladesh, GIS Mapping & Geo-data base. There’s a superb demand for these in varied kinds of project management requirements and civil and structural engineering.

Our services are renowned for being prompt, relevant, most effective, and exclusively accurate.
Geo-system Corporation (GSC) has helped many purchasers to maximize the price of their projects by finding potential opportunities others often creating practical, accurate design solutions, and guiding projects through the usually complicated Regulatory Process. Geo-system Corporation (GSC) is one of the best survey companies in Bangladesh that proud to be a highly secure corporation built on honesty, integrity, and dependability.

Quality Assurance | Surveying and Mapping

“Quality has always been an integral aspect of our services. We believe in ethical business practices and have considerable transparency in all kinds of dealings. We have several inspection procedures undertaken by our consultants to ensure flawless services to our esteemed clients.