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About geosystem corporation

A house of excellence for full spectrum of Engineering Surveying Technology in:

  • 1. Geodetic Control Survey
    • 1.1 Establishing large geodetic control Network
    • 1.2 Establishing geodetic control for Construction Project
    • 1.3 Travers survey & Ground to grid Adjustment
  • 2. Topographical survey
    • 2.1. Detail Physical feature Surveying
    • 2.2. Contour Mapping
    • 2.3. Route surveying
    • 2.4. GIS Mapping
  • 3. Bathymetry and Hydrography
    • 3.1. Hydrography
    • 3.2. Multibeam River bed Scanning
  • 4. Geospatial Arial Surveying
    • 4.1. LiDAR Mapping
    • 4.2. Aerial Photogrammetry (Drone mapping)

Geo-system Corporation (GSC) is biggest Engineering surveying & Mapping Organization in Bangladesh Consist of Qualified Engineers and surveyor as well as equipped with large number of survey grade GNSS (GPS), Totalstation, Hydrographical echosounder, Aerial mapping Drone and LiDAR equipment, Digital level and enough quantity of Minor equipment.

The GSC operate own NTRIP Caster server system for Real Time (RTK) Measurement in China, In addition GSC is a registered subscriber of available NTRIP service provider of “Survey of Bangladesh (SOB)” of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Geosystem Corporation (GSC) is promoted on 2006 and standing more than 14 years of Experience in the surveying & mapping field. The year of 2006 marked the start of an intense growth period for the firm and since that time, we have achieved steady growth. We provide Ground surveying services to public agencies, Engineering firms, private contractors and foreign agencies throughout the Puget Sound region.

The Geosystem Corporation maintains relation under business MoU with InfoConsult International (Australi) and AAM Australian Company (in Thailand) for Air based Aerial survey and Multibeam Hydrographical survey.

It is managing by a group of experienced surveyor, Engineering and IT professional having higher education and experience in professional field who have successful implemented a number of development project and surveying consulting both national and international client.

Chief Executive Officer (proprietor):

Sheikh Ali Eunus

B.Sc Engineer (civil)

Diploma in Geodesy

E-mail: ealibd@yahoo.com

Current Staff Strength (in regular payroll):   

  1. Consultants and professionals : 5 persons
  2. Technical and sub-professionals : 15 persons
  3. Other Admin and support staff : 7 persons

Office and Lab space : About 1800 sft at Mirpur office.