Establishing geodetic control for Construction2021-01-20T11:25:10+00:00
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Establishing geodetic control for Construction

Conventional surveys are those performed using traditional precise surveying techniques and instruments–i.e., theodolites, total stations, and levels. Conventional control surveys can be used to economically and accurately establish or densify project control in a timely fashion. Quality control statistics and redundant measurements in networks established by these methods help to ensure reliable results. However, conventional survey methods do have the requirement for intervisibility between adjacent stations.

GPS satellite surveying techniques can often be used to establish or densify project control more efficiently (and accurately) than conventional control urveying techniques– especially over large projects. As with conventional methods, quality control statistics and redundant measurements in GPS  etworks help to ensure  eliable results. Field operations to perform a GPS survey are relatively easy and can generally be performed by one person per receiver, with two or more receivers required to transfer control. GPS does not require intervisibility between adjacent stations.

The most important addition to the geodetic surveying community was the introduction of the Navstar Global Positioning System (GPS), allowing the surveying industry to establish affordable, high-accuracy geodetic control. These new technological developments, along with the skills o f trained professionals, will aid in the establishment o f a geodetic control network for cities, states, and counties that plan to implement a Geographic Information System (GIS) or some other Construction Project.