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Traverse surveying/Control densification

The densification of control points mostly require for setting out construction survey and as well  topographical feature survey in construction project mainly Rail way, Road and Industrial construction project.

high-precision GPS/GNSS measurement are being used in the topographical mapping for road, Rail, pipe line, and other surveying related to infrastructure development. The engineer wants actual ground measurement which equal to plane geometrical calculation. However, when utilizing high-precision GPS measurement for topographical location purposes, there is a significant but usually unanticipated problem that must first be addressed if accurate measurements are to be made. Simply put, unless proper correction methods are used, horizontal distances between two locations determined by the GNSS method will differ from the Totalstation method.

There are two way of traversing or control densification a. The conventional method using Theodolite/Totalstation and b. First static measurement using GNSS with scale factor reduction/ground coordinate calculation. Now a day it can be done through mathematical calculation. Measurements that are made by traditional survey methods ie the totalstation. This difference between the two measurements is often referred to as the grid-to-ground problem. It is always identical and requires resolving with mathematical calculation. “Geosystem Corporation” is ready to solve for you.